GCE O Level English like you've never seen before...

Sometimes, a little bit of madness really helps...

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What I Do

The Holy Trinity of What I Do

I Coach.

I have been an English tutor since 1993, I have taught English and Literature to lower and upper secondary school students at government schools, and I still teach at a tuition chain on the weekends.

I Write.

I have authored 16 books on the subject, from the primary to secondary school levels, and a random kung-fu book. I was once a copywriter who did ghost-writing for the Who’s Who of the real estate arena.

I Sell.

I happen to have a random hobby in real estate. I have a Real Estate Salesperson licence, and that licence has nothing to do with this website. Clicking on the button below will lead you to my hobby site.

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My Books

As Lee Lin Cher, I authored 16 books on the English subject, catering to those who are still screaming at Primary 1 , all the way to those who hallucinate themselves to be adults at Secondary 4. To see my portfolio of books,

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“ Mr Lee is a straightforward teacher who does not beat about the bush. He incorporates humour, regardless of its nature, into his lessons, which makes learning a language subject immensely fun. However, if you cannot stand things such as Cards Against Humanity, it is unlikely that you can appreciate his lessons. If you are interested in erratic essay plots like birthday surprises with a gory twist and questionable ways of learning how to write situational writing, Mr Lee’s teaching is more than suitable. Lastly, do watch out for flying pens, files or markers should you deserve to be aimed at.”

Selina Ng, GCE O Level 2020, A2

My Grandfather Story

Story-telling is an art, and it is an art that comes with age. All good men will have a story to tell, and all good older men will have a better story to  tell.

At the point of creating this website, I am already 49 years of age. Not very old, but my one foot is definitely closer to the grave – or the columbarium – than a 29-year-old would be.

As an individual with rather spiritual beliefs, I believe all meetings happen by providence and not by chance. You are either here because you are looking for assistance, whether for yourself or for your child, which in either case, I hope our stories will match, and our binding thread will be this subject called GCE O Level English.

Reading my story will help you decide if I am the right English coach for you or your child. So…

Picture Lee Xuan Zhi
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