Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese New Year 2022 Greeting

An old habit regarding Chinese New Year, this time of Chinese New Year 2022

Every year since 2014, at about this time of the year, I will embark on my nonsensical posts regarding Chinese New Year.

And in the years gone by, I have focused on Chinese New Year videos that basically cause us to sob and cry, because ~ you know ~ I wanted to remind everyone about the true meaning of Chinese New Year – FAMILY.

Like these videos below: (do watch every one of them, I guarantee a wonderful experience)

Good to Have, But Not Necessarily the Truth

But you see, these videos are works of fiction.

Yes, Chinese New Year is about family, whether it is Chinese New Year 2022 before or beyond, but you see, in reality, things are NEVER that rosy.

I am mindful of those out there who have no real family to boot.

By no real family, I refer to family members:

  • who are too eager to remind you that their Mercedes Benz is bigger than your Kia Cerato.
  • who are waiting on the sidelines for you to enquire about their career, so that they will finally have the opportunity to flex the fact that they enjoy a higher position and remuneration than you currently command.

Even if:

  • they threaten to chop their spouses up with a cleaver on a daily basis.
  • you were the gentleman when they were in the doldrums.
  • they could only have enjoyed what they have now, because YOU sacrificed everything to make it happen for them.

We’re Family

Blood isn’t thicker than water.

Insignificant Me (1972 – present)

Because the actual saying is

The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.

The original saying

The real family we have are those formed through choice, a shared and common experience, and finally – a commitment to one another.

So for this Chinese New Year (2022), instead of putting up with those who only focus on their own agenda, why not take a minute or two to make contact with your real family?

  • Those who really care
  • Those who look out for you
  • Those who stress and fret over your well-being

And finally:

  • Those who love you for who you are, despite your flaws and failings, and who simply appreciate you because you are YOU.

Happy Chinese New Year 2022

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Enjoy the next video.

Nothing else better to do for Chinese New Year 2022 holidays?

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