Christmas 2021

It’s Christmas 2021

A Christmas 2021 Greeting

It’s Christmas 2021.

We might still be fighting a virus, but hey, nothing stops us from soaking up the spirit of love, joy and happiness.

So on behalf of myself and the non-existent crew of Rogue English Tutor at https://leexuanzhi.com, Merry Christmas everyone!

Life is too short to spend with those you hate, and those who take you for granted. So if it’s not a real friend or family who cares for you unconditionally, it’s time to give yourself a break .

Who would you wanna spend your Christmas with then? It’s the real YOU of your life, the one Mariah Carey was talking about.

If You are Bored

If you are really bored over the holiday season, perhaps consider clicking this button below:

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