O Level English Rock Star Season II

Crash Course, O Level English Rock Star Season II 2022 & a Crashing Computer

It’s been a while, and miraculously, this website has withstood the test of time ~~ until I destroy it of course.

If you’ve been wondering what I have been up to, well ~~~ I have been busy.

Crash Course at Stalford

First, there was the Crash Course in June that I was conducting, taking away 2 hours of my time each day, and siphoning away 5 hours in total, due to the need to travel as well as the need to adjust my eating schedule.

As taxing as it was, the 20-day long ordeal was worth it, with me functioning at 100% madness – alright, maybe not 100 but 80% – teaching English as well as ranting about unrelated topics such as old fogeys who have overstayed their welcome and publicly declaring how some countries should retake some other countries because the latter supposedly belong to the former.

As well as my infamous Citizenship and Character Education (CCE) where I state unequivocally that I oppose sword fights of any kind, and how the intricate interplay between the Yin and the Yang is the natural order of the Universe; how plugs are meant to fit into sockets and not other plugs.

All these while teaching the different situational writing formats, descriptive, discursive and argumentative essays, and how to handle the ambiguous and flowy aka unstable nature of the English Language exams at the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Levels.

Thank you Stalford Learning Centre for the opportunity.

O Level English Rock Star Season II

The next thing that took off the launch pad would be my O Level English Rock Star, my online English tuition class for the GCE O Levels.

It has been up and running since end-March, but since I wasn’t too sure if I would be committed, I did little or close to no advertising for the class.

Strangely, the class is now in its second season, which will end just before National Day (so that students can focus on their preliminary examinations)(and celebrating National Day as well).

Season II of the O Level English Rock Star is all about exam-preparation. At the point of writing this post, it’s about 3 more months before the O Level English Examination sets in. So it’s really all about testing, correcting and giving feedback about how well or how badly the student has done.

The word ‘testing’ has been italicised, because since O Level English Rock Star is an online programme, testing can hardly be monitored.

Instead, a lot is left to the student to be a self-starter, a time manager and a go-getter. I can hardly punish the student if he or she decides not to do the work allocated, and parents would be wasting their hard-earned money on tuition that their children refuse to partake in.

Parents, if your child fits the criteria above – that of being a self-starter, a time manager and a go-getter – and would benefit from some improper English help, then do sign your kid up for the class by clicking on the poster below. You will be taken to my Eventbrite page, where you get to purchase tickets for the class. Since this is an online class, and I am not running a tuition centre, there’s nothing for you to worry about in terms of registration fees, lock-in’s and all that.

And classes are on Mondays, from 730 pm to 930 pm, via Google Meet.

If you don’t know if I am a good fit for your child, perhaps just purchase one ticket for the upcoming session. If it doesn’t work out, just drop out of the class. Nothing can be fairer than that.

To know more about what is required of your child, click here to read a previous post.

If you wanna watch a boring introduction to the class, watch this self-made aka badly-made YouTube video where I try to unsuccessfully convince you that this class is worth joining.

My pathetic introduction to O Level English Rock Star

Computer Crashing

Maybe it’s because I have conducted too much of a crash course, but the computer in my office has crashed, supposedly due to a hard disk failure.

So I am basically relying on my home computer, which I have seconded to my office, while I figure my way into building my own desktop computer.

Amidst all the fussing over all the HDD or the SSD, and the different DDR3 RAMs that I can get, I am getting this feel that I really love computers.

So my question: should I start a dropshipping store selling computer parts, RAM sticks especially, or is it a dumb idea?

Take the survey here. For all you know, I might send you a RAM stick for free in appreciation of your response, or a $10 Amazon voucher.

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