Ebook Secrets to A1 in O Level English

Ebook “Secrets to A1 in O Level English” Launched

Secrets to A1 in O Level English“. The only ebook you will NEVER need.

Everyone loves a good secret. And based on my limited (since 1993) experience in teaching, every student believes that there are closely-guarded secrets to that elusive A1 in O Level English, reserved only for the few, and revealed only to a select group with the luck and privilege to access them.

Like every conspiracy theory out there, this belief is based on half-truths, and arise out of a misunderstanding of the true essence of secrets to success in any endeavour,

All Secrets are Invariably Open Secrets

Don’t believe me? Let’s do this experiment.

Take a closely-guarded secret of yours, one which you really don’t want anybody to know, and tell it to your best friend.

I’m not so stupid. Why should I do that?” you ask.

You do that because you want to test the very veracity of my theory. Because if you choose a secret that isn’t much of a secret that you would guard, then why bother? You won’t even feel the pinch when I am eventually proven right.

You might even forget that you were the one who let loose this secret, since ~~~ well ~~~it’s not so much of a secret to begin with.

Let’s suppose you decide that you want to cooperate with this mad man behind a keyboard here. Track how fast the message travels.

If you are like me, you would realise how – even without the internet – secrets travel at the speed of light, and with the internet, they probably travel at the speed of thought.

And that how, your best friend might not be the best after all.

The Secret to Everything

Human beings are, by nature, lazy, and we are always looking for that shortcut to a goal we so desire.

Yet, there are no secrets, and the only secret we can possibly think of probably lies in a singular, unappetising, unsexy word – commitment.

Consider the following pursuits and the secrets to achieving them:

  • Getting a hot bod – Eat healthy and exercise
  • Getting good results – Study hard
  • Being happy – Do something meaningful with our lives
  • Becoming the King in ONE Championship – Train with the best, train day and night, beat the crap out of your opponents, and get beaten the crap out by your opponents

Of course, I am over-simplifying, but you get the gist. At the most basic level, everything boils down to plain old commitment.

Secrets to A1 in O Level English

You guessed it right.

That’s what I am going to say next.

There are no secrets to A1 in O Level English.

But there are principles and philosophies to guide us there.

Follow the principles and philosophies and you are more likely to land that A1 in O Level English.

Violate them, and you are more likely to head the other direction.

Like life, there are no guarantees in O Level English, just probabilities.

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How’s that for easy?

Ebook Secrets to A1 in O Level English

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