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An Old Story Rehashed, Retold, Repeated

My Dear Friends

Once in our lifetime, we have those moments when we know that what we are doing is the right thing, that what we do now is momentous, and that from this moment onwards, the course of history changes for the rest of our lives.

Well, this is not one of those moments.

In fact, to my stalking team out there, you would have known that this is the umpteenth time that I am trying to create my teaching site, and time and again, for one reason or another, I have intentionally crashed my site, in a bid to destroy ALL links to teaching, so that I can start afresh, and set out on a new direction, embark on a new adventure, that I might ride into the sunset, on – hopefully – a Harley.

Launching Rogue English Tutor
A Harley Bike, the coolest thing on earth

Not to feel the wind in my hair, since I have none, but to fade into oblivion, and not to take this role that will demand too much out of me.

But since that’s not possible, I shan’t run anymore, but to embrace what’s required of me, to create this publication online, to teach English at the O Levels. That shall be my quest.

For I am Jonah, and at one point in time, Jonah has to stop running away from God, and march into Nineveh, and proclaim what needs to be proclaimed.

Why Rogue?

Other than the rather *ahem* patient-looking face which I inherited from my dad – which I so detest – there’s really nothing in, on, and about me that is becoming of a teacher.

My outlook already defies that…

I mean, how many teachers are baldheaded – or botak in our local lingo – and happily remain so. Mind you, I am botak on my own volition, and I expend loads of time and effort to stay botak.

The next thing you need to know about me is that I am totally inappropriate. I cuss and I swear, and I am anything but forgettable. If you demand that your teacher is a goody-goody two-shoes, I am afraid that you’ve got the wrong guy. There are loads of this type around; I am not one of them.

The last thing you will have to note about me is that I am unorthodox in behaviour, and therefore definitely unorthodox in my teaching methods. My ex-student, Selina, says it best when she says that I incorporate humour, “regardless of its nature” (please refer to the testimonial on my homepage).

To me, all of these traits point to me being “rogue”, and I have gone rogue for as long as I can remember, thus the site title “Rogue English Tutor”; “Singapore” is just an SEO requirement, if you know what I am talking about.

A wise teacher once told me, that if I teach 100% of what I know to my students, and they only absorb 20%, I would have squandered away 80% of my time and effort, since they have all gone to waste.

If I, however, teach my students 20% of what I know, and they sponge up 100% of what I teach them, I would have productively utilised 100% of everyone’s time, with a possible synergistic effect that would go beyond my original 20 and 100%.

Such wise words have guided me ever since, and I have insisted on this rather weird, unorthodox and rogue approach, because if my rogueness makes my lessons memorable, you will remember me and my lessons way beyond your school days.

Of course, that wise teacher didn’t explain what happens if I teach 20% of what I know, and my students only managed to absorb 20% of the 20% I taught them. Hahahahahaha! He conveniently left that out, and that’s the reality behind any lesson, principle, axiom or maxim that purportedly holds the key to success: they are, almost invariably, always half-truths.

And what happened to that wise teacher?

Well… he was transferred to another school for underperforming… :/

This Post Launches the Rogue English Tutor Site

Well, I have given you a glimpse of what’s to come. If you are ok with me being rogue and mad, do stay in touch, by signing up for my newsletter, through one of the two buttons below. One leads to my newsletter sign-up form, while the other… Well, you will be able to watch the Royal Rumble and other more exciting videos.

Is it this button?

Or is it this one?

Well, that’s it. This post launches the Rogue English Tutor Site, and with the next video, I declare the Rogue English Tutor Site…OFFICIALLY OPEN!

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