O Level English Exam 2022

O Level English Exam 2022 is Over

Goodbye O Level English Exam 2022, Welcome O Level English Exam 2023

One of the scourges of being in education is that time seems to come to a standstill, when in reality, it’s actually passing you by – every second and every minute.

At the point of writing this, the O Level English Exam 2022 has just been completed, on the 18th of October 2022 (Tue), to be exact.

Once again, students were panicking after the exam, asking to confirm the format for the task in Situational Writing, and also wondering if they did right in the editing segment.

Surprises in the N and O Level English Exam 2022

Where the N and O Level English exams are concerned, 2022 seems to be a year of surprises.

For the N Level English exam, the task to be examined turned out to be the article, which – by all counts – was totally unexpected.

The last time article as a task bobbed its ugly head out of the water was in 2015, when O Level candidates that year were called upon to create a web article for some tour agency.

Needless to say, many students were unprepared, because ~ well ~ their teachers were also caught by surprise.

For the O Levels this year, the task was slightly more complex. The task involved writing a letter to the principal, asking him or her to consider “you” for a learning journey.

Some said it’s a formal letter, others said it’s a proposal, while I would say it’s a combination of both.

For the moment, I will withhold my actual comments till I see the actual question and the actual paper, which is either soon, or the beginning of next year, when the new Ten-Year Series is published.

No rush, no hurry, when the time is ripe, everything will flow so nicely.

Side Note: Kudos to Tutors Who Went for the Exam

This is something I have wanted to say for years, but kudos to the (English) tutors who went in for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level English Examinations 2022.

For those scratching their heads over what I am saying, there are tutors out there who – year in and year out – sit for the O Level Examinations with their students.

Why do they do that?

To find out if the stuff they are teaching you is the right stuff, and to also know if the strategies they are imparting you are practical and relevant for the exams.

Some might justify and say that it’s no big deal.

I mean, they are teachers right? So they should know what to do.

That’s a tonne of bull crap, you know that?

Yes, it’s true that they might know the subject matter better.

But exams are more than just that.

It’s about speed and accuracy – there’s no way you can spill everything you know in a 2-hour exam. So it’s about technique as well.

And it’s definitely about commitment. Who will put him- or herself through the stress of examinations, year after year, especially when there is no known benefit to him or her, whether now or the future?

So to those tutors who have been religiously taking the O Level exams year after year, to you – I give my ultimate respect.

Secret to Scoring A1s in O Level English Exam 2023 and Beyond

And now we are back to the perennial question: what are the secrets to an A1 in O Level English exam?

Allow me to digress.

Karate Man and O Level English Exam 2022
Body conditioning. There’s no secret.

What is the ultimate secret to being an exceptional karate fighter?

Body conditioning, of course. That’s not even a secret; it’s common sense.

What is the ultimate secret to being an outstanding MMA fighter?

Answer: Extreme body conditioning. Of course.

How about a champion MMA fighter?

Super-extreme body conditioning. Do you even need to ask?

MMA and O Level English Exam 2022
There’s really no secret.

Without the conditioning, none of the other things make any sense.

You can’t even sustain the training, so let’s not bother with fighting in the octagon.

Coming back to O Level English exam? What is the secret?

The fundamentals, of course. Without the fundamentals, you can kiss everything else goodbye!

O Level English Tuition 2023

If you are hell-bent on stabilising your fundamentals, you might want to join my online tuition here.

Or here:

The keyword is “hell-bent”.

You must be determined to win.

Because on my end, I will give you my all.

The question is: can you sustain it?

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