How You Look When You are One Month to O Level English Exam 2022

One More Month to the O Level English Exam (2022)

Tips and Tricks to Prepare for the Upcoming O Level English Exam 2022

Note: This post is directed at students. If you happen to be a parent, the onus is on you then – after reading – to nag at your kids to do the stuff that I am writing here.

Every year – and I will predict that it will happen again this year – I have students coming to me about 3 to 4 days before the O Level English Exam, asking if there are any tips I can give to help them in their O Levels.

And every year, my answer will be the same: there are no tips to doing well for your O Level English Exams, whether it is O Level English Exam 2022, 2023, or 2043.

In fact, the only tip I can think of is the fee to make a Grab Rider or Driver happy if he or she has done a good job.

Why do I say so?

Because success at the O Level English Exam 2022 and beyond depends on consistent hard-work, with a healthy dose of introspection.

It is a discipline consistent with any other endeavour worth pursuing, whether be it sports or studies.

And unlike other subjects, you can’t actually cram for O Level English, because it is first a language.

What Should I Do Then?

You need to acknowledge that time is running short.

At the point of publishing this post, you are less than a month before the O Level English Exam 2022 is set to take place.

Other than drilling yourself with practices from the Ten-Year Series – which can sometimes do more harm than good where languages are concerned – you need to be constantly reading so that you can get used to how the language looks and sounds inside your head.

Students always bemoan – or rather gloat – over the fact that there is nothing to study for English.

True and not true at the same time.

Yes, there is nothing to study because there is no fixed curriculum, unlike the Maths and Sciences.

No, because the subject matter surrounds us every moment of the day, unless you live in China (or any other country where English is not the native and official working language) of course. The onus and duty is on you to expose yourself to the language, and to consistently absorb the subject matter into your mind and body.

So to summarise, there are two things you need to be religiously doing for English for the next one month:

  1. Do your Ten-Year Series to acclimatise yourself to the time constraints of the exams; and
  2. Read, Read, and Read to allow you to think in English.

You Can Also Pray

In addition to the doing your Ten-Year Series and reading, you can also pray to the god/s of your choice.

Perhaps they will take pity on you and work their magic.

If that works, success isn’t based on merit anymore, but good luck and blessings of a higher power.

Which surprisingly works for some people.

I just hope you are one of them.

But no worries, I will make sure I say a little prayer for you.

Till the next time, ciao!

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