O Level English Rock Star

O Level English Rock Star

The most unlikely Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level English Tuition your kid will ever need

O Level English Rock Star – It’s Just Tuition, and Not Just Tuition

Parents, mums especially,

(pardon me if you are the rare dad who takes charge of your kid’s tuition; pardon me further if you are the rare student and child who actually cares about your own education)

My tuition class is up.

Classic of my 7-year stint as a copywriter, I have a fantabulous name for my tuition class.

Instead of calling it – ahem – “Best O Level English Tuition”, “O Level English Mastery” or “The Ultimate O Level English Master Class”, I have set my sights on calling it the “O Level English Rock Star”.

Why the Name ‘O Level English Rock Star’

Yes, it’s a marketing gimmick, yet it’s not.

Other than the fact that it might attract more attention, the name reflects my approach to English.

It has to be fun, even if it’s a national exams year.

Students, current and ex’s, all know that I am crazy as a person, insane in my teaching and inane in my jokes.

Yet, I have many messages that I want to drive through to your children, and it’s hoped that some of them do get through.

If they don’t, at least they remember the jokes.

What’s Expected of Your Child in O Level English Rock Star

While the name ‘O Level English Rock Star’ will sound flippant in many ways, it’s really not just fun and games.

Eating, drinking and making merry (LOL) is not the name of the game here, and there are demands of your child in this online class.

Firstly, we all know how anything online can easily become the biggest jokes in history.

Come on, even adults do that.

“Attending a meeting” when you are actually messaging your friend and not focusing on the meeting itself?

Been there, done that.

Taking a picture of you and using it as your virtual background to pretend that you are there?

Been there, done that.

How about turning off your desktop or laptop camera and pretending that it’s a malfunction?


You can see how your kid – who is a digital native – can easily outsmart me in this ‘O Level English Rock Star’ class, and turn this into a total waste of money for you.

(Digitally, I am just an immigrant.)

To prevent this from happening, let’s have rules for your kid if you want to sign him or her up for my class:

Rule #1: Your son or daughter can only attend ‘O Level English Rock Star’ on a laptop or desktop; no mobile phones or tablets please.
Rule #2: The camera should be turned on THROUGHOUT the whole lesson.
Rule #3: Your child MUST respond when called upon. Needless to say, the microphone must be functional for this to happen.
Rule #4: All assigned tasks MUST be completed before the lesson begins.
Rule #5 to Rule #n : I will make up more as I go along.

As you can see, I am protecting your – the parents’ – interests.

You work hard for the money, and you’re giving up parts of this hard-earned money for the sake of your child.

It’s only fair that they do their part to ensure that this money is well-spent, and that they benefit from your sacrifice.

If they do punk around with your hard-earned money, I have the right to kick them out of my class, and I will refund you your money.

Who is O Level English Rock Star for?

Everyone comes with limitations, and so do I.

Having taught in one way or another since 1993, I know pretty well that I am not the solution for everyone.

Because it’s human to relate to one group better than another; and the way I teach will appeal to some and not the rest.

But there are common denominators to those who will benefit from my style.

Firstly, your kid will most likely hail from one of those schools whose initials don’t strike fear in most of us. If the name of the school includes the name of a neighbourhood, well, better.

Secondly, your son or daughter will most likely be struggling with the language. Those teetering on the brink of failure are most likely to benefit from my obsession with basics, and how these basics – when combined together in creative ways – can propel them to the heights of English achievement.

Finally, your child must have this genuine desire to succeed in the English Language. Since desire is really an inside job, there is no way to accurately gauge the strength of your child’s desire. But strength of desire comes with several observable indicators, the chief of which is the amount of effort put into the subject.

If your offspring is at least one of the above, well, I guess you can sign him or her up for my O Level English Rock Star?

How to Sign Up

Well, I have laid out multiple conditions.

I have intentionally made it difficult for you to sign your child up.

If you have made it so far, that means you really want your kid to be part of my madness.

In that case, just follow this link. You will be led to my event page on Eventbrite.

There are 5 sessions altogether, and they are scheduled to end just before the mid-year exam kicks in.

To ensure continuity of the lessons, it’s best for you to sign your child up for all 5 sessions.

If you don’t want to, that’s fine too.

I kind of believe that what’s meant to be is meant to be. So if it’s meant to be, you can sign your son or daughter up by clicking the button below:

What If I Have Queries?

You can drop me an email by following this link, or text me using one of the messaging options at the bottom right-hand corner of this post.

I can’t promise that I will reply you immediately, but I will reply you as soon.

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