Press Release Rogue English Tutor Singapore Website Launched

Press Release: Rogue English Tutor Singapore Website Launched

This sponsored press advertorial – entitled ‘Rogue English Tutor Singapore Website Launched’ – was published on multiple online platforms across the internet on 11 October 2021 (Monday).

Rogue English Tutor Singapore Website Launched

Monday, October 11th 2021, 3:40 PM EDT
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Rogue English Tutor Singapore Website Launched

A new website has just been launched, and it promises to adopt a different – albeit wayward – approach to the teaching and learning of English.

Dubbed the Rogue English Tutor, the Singapore-based website is the latest offering in a country renowned for its world class educational system, as well its obsession with academic performance.

Created by Lee Xuan Zhi, an ex-teacher who used to teach English and Literature at the secondary school level, this website will strive to plug the gap in English language-learning faced by many students in their teenage years.

On the About Page on his website, Lee described the irony facing the English Language as a subject for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level Examination, which he further elaborates here:

“Many students will happily engage in arduous memory-work with regard to Social Studies, History and Geography; and they will not bat an eyelid with regard to hardcore drills revolving Additional and Elementary Mathematics; but for the English Language, they will not even lift a finger.”

To read his About Page, click here.

According to Lee, lack of interest is the chief culprit for this huge conundrum, with the lack of understanding tailing next.

“We will all somehow know what to do while studying for the Mathematics and Sciences, but once it comes to English, not many will know where to start. And for the few who do know, they lack the motivation to begin,” Lee bemoans the sorrowful situation surrounding the subject.

In the blog post launching the website, Lee expounded the use of the word ‘rogue’ in greater detail; in terms of his outlook and behaviour; and how there is nothing conventional and “appropriate” about him.

“Suffice to say, there’s absolutely nothing that’s becoming of me as a teacher,” Lee added.

To read the blog post, follow this link: https://leexuanzhi.com/launching-rogue-english-tutor

The website will soon feature video-training courses which students can watch in the comfort of their home, while getting a dose of Lee’s irreverent and wayward teaching methods; and learning something “valuable” at the same time.

While “rogue” is hardly a word associated with the educational industry, the way of the Rogue English Tutor might just be the antidote for students easily sidetracked by all the trappings online.

To visit the website, click here.

About Lee Xuan Zhi

Lee Xuan Zhi – formerly known as Lee Lin Cher – is an ex-teacher and a prolific writer.

The bespectacled man – well-known for his irreverent humour and antics in class – is well-loved and hated by students in equal measure, and possesses a wealth of experience in the teaching of English and Literature at the secondary level.

Having taught in both the classroom as well as private tuition setting since 1993, the lifelong educator is a subject matter expert on the subject of English Language as taught in Singapore schools, especially at the secondary school level. At the point of writing, the maverick educator is the author of 16 books on the subject, covering all levels from the primary to secondary school spectrum.

Today, Lee Xuan Zhi devotes his time to teaching students online and offline, authoring new books on his core and non-core subjects, as well as pursuing his long-term hobby – real estate – with whatever free time that is left on his hands.


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