Private Tuition for O Level English

Private Tuition for O Level English

Private Tuition for O Level English if Your Child is Undergoing the Life-Changing Exam This Year (2022)

There are few events in life that purportedly alter the entire course of our destiny, events which – when managed well – put us on the virtuous cycle of success that propel us forwards, upwards and launch us into a trajectory that can only lead us to further achievement.

Conversely, should we mishandle such events, we can only fault ourselves should the way ahead be fraught with angst, misery and to a certain extent, danger.

The Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level Examination is one such event.

It is the examination that determines where your child heads towards in the future. It is the fork at the crossroads of life, where, at a tender age of 16, your son or daughter has to make a choice, a life-changing decision of what he or she wants to do for the rest of his or her life.

The situation is somewhat unfair. Some adults at 60 have yet to discover what they should be doing, or what they should have done with their lives, or what’s left of it; let alone a bunch of 16-year olds.

But that’s juice for another blog post, another piece of writing that I will randomly scribble when I have the time.

The Role of English for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level Examination

We all know how the English Language is the most important subject for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level Examination.

Your child might really want to enter a certain course at the Junior College (JC) or the Polytechnic, but if he or she doesn’t qualify, all these desires become a dream that will remain unfulfilled.

Because English is the L1 in the L1R5 factored into the calculation of entry requirements, if your child wants to gain admission into the JC.

It is also the EL in the ELR2B2 in polytechnic admission.

As we can all see, English is No 1 in ALL admission requirements.

The Irony of English Being the Most Important Subject in the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE)

Despite its ABSOLUTE importance, the English Language easily remains one of the most – if not the most – neglected subjects at the GCE O Levels.

Why do I say so?

Because I have seen students frantically engaging in practice drills for their Additional Mathematics (A Maths).

I have also witnessed how they can spare no effort in regurgitating the dates and events in History.

I can attest to the fact that many of them will huff and puff over complex concepts in Chemistry.

But for English…

They will do…


Is it any wonder, that they should teeter on the brink of failure? Or perhaps they ARE already failing?

Why Private Tuition for O Level English

Tuition of any kind functions as a supplement to what happens at school.

For English, this is all the more critical since it is the L1 and the EL in both the JC and polytechnic application respectively.

If parents will spend valuable financial resources on A Maths and Chemistry tuition, I don’t see why a subject as critical as English should be relegated to just plain luck and fate.

And if you get a good-enough English tutor for your child, the lessons the tutor conducts might well become the CORE of the pupil’s English curriculum.

The unintended side effect would be: English lessons at school become the supplement.

Why Private Tuition for O Level English with Me?

Other than the fact that I have been tutoring since 1993, I have also been an English and Literature teacher at a secondary school, and I have authored 16 books on the subject itself.

I am still teaching classes on the weekends, which means that I am still very much in touch with the curriculum.

But this last part is the most important. Having come from a background where no English was spoken when I was young, plus the fact that my degree wasn’t in English or Language Studies in the first place, I am in a better position to help your child in the English subject – because I totally understand what is needed from the layperson perspective.

My 16 books would also mean that I have contemplated far and deep in the subject, a luxury which could only be afforded because I left school, and embarked on the teaching and writing path.

Who is Private Tuition for O Level English For?

Despite my extensive expertise in the field, I still have my limitations.

Any English tutor who can promise that he or she can improve any student is either clueless, or lying.

Having authored 16 books on the subject, I have pondered long and deep about what makes a student tick, first with the language, then with the subject.

And after working with multitudes of students, I can safely say I work best with students who come from ordinary schools, and who are struggling to make sense of the basics of the English language.

So if your child is currently enrolled in an ordinary secondary school, of which the name doesn’t strike too much fear in the hearts of the general populace, and that he or she is struggling with the subject because nobody has been able to explain clearly why the language is as such, then I am the ONE you are looking for.

Do drop me an email at this link if you would like to take the discussion further.

My Private Tuition for O Level English Rates

My private tuition for O Level English doesn’t come cheap, neither does the money in your bank account.

As such, I will need you to be ABSOLUTELY sure that I am the one for your child.

The damage to your wallet? $100 per hour, with a standard of 2 hours per session.

So every session with me sets you back by $200, with fees payable after every session, via cash or PayNow.

Since you pay me every session, there is no need for any kind of fee-tracking on any one end. Also, since nobody owes the other person anything, you are free to drop me anytime, if you think I am a waste of time.

In a way, I kind of hope that you won’t reach out to me. Please feel free to navigate to my About Me page to find out why.

If you so decide to still reach out to me after this rather lengthy piece of writing, do feel free to reach out either through email via this contact form, or through one of the messaging options at the bottom right-hand corner of every page.

Year of the Tiger, Hear Me Roar

This blog post was completed on Day 1 of Chinese New Year, on the 1st of February 2022. I wish to hear you roar, and I wish to hear your kid’s results roar, in the Year of the Tiger.

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