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Sec 1 to 4 English Classes Nov 2021 – Oct 2022 (Updated 3 Dec 2021)

Sec 1 to 4 English Classes Nov 2021 – Oct 2022 | My schedule for Sec 1 to 4 English Classes for Academic Year Nov 2021 to Oct 2022

Off and on, I get an enquiry or two about my English tuition classes.

This makes sense since I christen myself Rogue English Tutor (Singapore). Where are the English and Tutor bits if I don’t offer English tuition?

So here are the details.

My Sec 1 to 4 English Classes Nov 2021 – Oct 2022

Since 2014 – and barring a few hiccups along the way – I have been teaching classes at Stalford Learning Centre on the weekends, and locality-wise, I am mostly focused on the West side of Singapore.

This academic year of Nov 2021 to Oct 2022 will be no different.

These are the places, time of day and the levels I cover if you really want to find me:

  • Saturday Mornings: Stalford Learning Centre Lot One Shopping Mall: Sec 1 and 2
  • Saturday Afternoons and Evenings: Stalford Learning Centre Jurong Point: Sec 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Sunday Mornings and Afternoons: Stalford Learning Centre Yew Tee Point: Sec 2, 3 and 4

I Don’t Offer Private Tuition

Well, it’s been a long time since I offered private tuition.

While the money is good, I really can’t handle the variables that come with it.

The excessive travelling, the need to adapt to constant changes in the environment, and of course, the lack of group dynamics that I can tap on to spur the students forward.

So the answer to the question, “Do I offer private tuition?”; the answer is: “No”.

English tuition is best in a group setting, and where group settings are concerned – unless I have a change of heart (which happens intermittently) – Stalford, at the moment, offers the best support to what I want to do.

To Enrol/Your Kid/ in My Classes

That’s the wonderful bit – I don’t take care of administrative issues such as these.

You will need to call the centre personally to check on the timings of each of the classes.

Allow me to publish their phone numbers here:

  • Stalford Learning Centre Lot One: 6242 3233
  • Stalford Learning Centre Jurong Point: 6898 3233
  • Stalford Learning Centre Yew Tee Point: 6465 3233

Oh. If they do ask you how you got to know about my classes, feel free to mention this website.

My Focus on Publications

Most tutors start their personal sites with the intention of launching their own tuition centre, classes and whatnots.

I am no different.

The only difference is, my focus for this site is publications.

If you have checked my profile properly, you would have realised that writing is quite a staple for me.

I won’t label it a passion, since the word passion conveys this woo-woo feeling that I never get sick, angry or even demoralised by what I have to do.

Come on, man! Who doesn’t get sick, angry or demoralised by what they do?

Show me someone like that, and I will show you a fraud.

Or I will take over his or her job, because it’s so good that they don’t get to experience the three foremost emotions with every job.

In any case, if you would like to stalk me, do it officially: stay tuned to what’s happening, by signing up for my newsletter here.

Or here.

Talk to you another time.

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